About Solstice and Alexander Storch


A Definition of Solstice:

1. Either of the two times a year when the sun is at its greatest distance
from the celestial equator

2. A furthest or culminating pointa turning point

About Solstice and Alexander E. Storch, M.D.

CREDENTIALS, MODES OF TREATMENT, CONFIDENTIALITY: Licensed and registered to practice medicine in the State of New York, certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology / Diplomate ABPN, Dr. Storch utilizes pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions in a practice focused on adults with ADHD, sleep disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, and interpersonal issues. Dr. Storch takes patient confidentiality extremely seriously; his patients are assured information shared is treated with exceptional confidentiality and in accordance with Federal and State privacy rules.

INITIAL VISIT: An initial visit with Dr. Storch is a comprehensive psychiatric consultation. In addition to a thorough evaluation of current symptoms, there is a comprehensive evaluation of the individual’s history. Dr. Storch may recommend blood tests (such as vitamin D and iron levels) or other testing. Approximately 90-minutes time is required.

PSYCHOTHERAPY: Weekly visits are generally necessary to make substantive progress. Depending on circumstances, visits every two weeks works for certain individuals. For management of more complex issues, Dr. Storch has the capacity to see patients daily, and is skilled and comfortable in a group or family setting. Dr. Storch enjoys helping his patients navigate the complex world we live and to find pleasure and satisfaction in doing so.

MEDICATION MANAGEMENT: Dr. Storch has many patients he sees for medication management. If an individual already has a therapist, if referral to a certain type of therapist is needed, or psychotherapy is simply not indicated, Dr. Storch provides psychopharmacology services.

GENETIC TESTING: Dr. Storch currently utilizes the Genecept Assay provided by Genomind to augment his clinical decision making, which he has found very useful. For additional information, please visit genomind.com.

PAYMENT and INSURANCE COMPANIES: Dr. Storch does not currently participate on any insurance panels and is not enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid. For individuals with Medicare or Medicaid that would like to see Dr. Storch, an agreement must be signed that no claims shall be submitted. 


Dr. Storch trained at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York where during his senior year (with principal investigator Kishor Malavade), he conceptualized, organized, and implemented the Resident Case Presentation Performance Improvement Project on the Acute Care units.

In his years before medical school and residency, Dr. Storch worked for Lehman Brothers, The Roundabout Theatre Company, and as a personal trainer at The Carlyle Hotel. It was during this period that Dr. Storch decided to go to medical school and completed Post-baccalaureate premedical sciences at the City University of New York (Hunter College).

Dr. Storch has volunteered for a number of organizations including The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp (Dr. Storch’s stepfather, A.E. Hotchner with Paul Newman created the camps for children with serious disease), and NYU Medical Center Emergency Room Liaison Initiative.

Dr. Storch’s approach to patient care begins with an integral respect for his patients, and continues with the application of a skill set fitting to not only accomplish maximal symptomatic relief while minimizing any potential side effects, but to reach for and achieve longer term goals.

Dr. Storch lives in New York City with his wife and son.

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Dr. Storch is a member of the American Psychiatric Association, the American Professional Society of ADHD & Related Disorders, and the American Medical Association.

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